Salt Sting

About This Project

Roaring ocean sounds as the whipping wind picks up coats, knits, ruffling hair. Salt prickles the skin, tasting supple lips. Rocks glisten as they are re-baptised by the waves, while the sun dances shyly, hopping in and out for its audience of one.

Photographer: Dave Wheeler

Stylist: Alex Wilson

Hair + Makeup: Byron Turnbull @ Reload

Model: Gemma Ossen @ Priscillas


1. Left: Daniela Stephanie bralette, Kara Liu skirt. Right: BC by Blessed are the Meek shirt dress + pants, Sarah & Sebastian earrings.

2.  Anna Quan top, Oskar cardigan, Kara Liu shorts.

3. Left: Jamie Ashkar coat, Thurley trousers, Peter Lang neck cuff. Right: Manning Cartell knit.

4. BC by Blessed are the Meek cape, Daniela Stephanie bralette, Kara Liu skirt.

5. Anna Quan bralette, BC by Blessed are the Meek pants.