Missing You Like Candy

About This Project

The words of Mandy Moore never rang truer. Candy colours come to the fore in this story, made even more other-worldy by ethereal face Olivia Pranic. A sweet, sweet trip to the pastel shop.

Creative Director: Cinnie Ho

Photographer: Hannah Hawkins

Stylist: Mook Attakanwong

Hair: Elly Hanson

Makeup: Sonia Allen

Model: Olivia Pranic @ Debut Management


1. Vanessa Emirian coat, Adele Thiel shorts, stylist’s own bra, Nylons necklace.

2. Lydia Dobson jumpsuit, H&M bustier, Nylons necklace, Pared sunglasses.

3. Left: Lillian Chan jacket, H&M dress, Miu Miu Headband. Right: Vanessa Emirian coat, Adele Thiel shorts, Nylons necklace.

4. Lillian Chan jacket, H&M dress, Miu Miu Headband.

5. Left: Adele Thiel shirt, Bei Na Wei top. Right: Bei Na Wei dress, Nylons necklace + earrings, ninetyninetyone bag.

6. ninetyninetyone blouse, Lillian Chan bralette, Bei Na Wei skirt.