Meet the Model: Kristina Velkova

About This Project

Kristina Velkova is a girl with a twinkle in her eye. She comes across wiser and worldlier than her years – having travelled and worked around the globe from a young age. We get a few words from this insightful beauty, shooting for Absorb with photographer Terry Whitaker.

1. How did you get into modeling?
Ha, I love this question. It always takes me a while to answer. My journey has been a bit peculiar. My first photo shoot was at age 13. Some agencies were interested in me, but my parents didn’t allow me to get involved. I went behind their back 3 years later to meet agencies again because I kept getting approached by scouts and couldn’t help my curiosity. I got signed in New York by a boutique agency and booked my first job all within a day. This ended after two test shoots and a few more casting since summer break from school came and I left back to Bulgaria to spend sometime with my family for three months. When school started again I didn’t have time to go to castings and that’s how it ended. When I started college I got approached many times again and decided to give it another shot. Again I got signed and booked my first casting, beginners luck I guess. It was for a showroom that had very long year round markets, so I stayed with them for two years while I was going to college- it paid my rent so I was satisfied. In 2013 I signed with my current agency and took on modeling full time. Now I’m signed in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Hamburg.
2. Where are you based?
Between New York and London
3. What is your favourite city?
I really admire London. It has everything that makes me feel happy- a dynamic city full of elegance, culture, grace and European sophistication.
4. You grew up part of your childhood in Bulgaria, part in the States. How do you think this influenced you growing up? Has it given you a different outlook?
I was born in Sofia and spent 9 years of my life in Velingrad- a small city about an hour from Sofia. When I first arrived in New York I had complete culture shock- I never seen a building higher than 100 floors! I will never forget I asked my mom and dad to hold me so I can look up at the buildings without falling over! My father was very keen on keeping my culture and knowing my heritage so I spent every summer back home. It taught me how to stay humble and remember what to truly value over materialistic objects and things.
5. What are some of your favourite parts of the industry?
Fashion is history, art, culture, politics, science, business, evolution, modernization, passion and craft all combined to make a visual statement out of textiles!
6. What are your interests/hobbies outside of the industry?
I love learning new things. Throughout my modeling journey I Stayed in college full time. I started in graphic design and switched to fashion business management. I love practicing my art, traveling, learning about new cultures, yoga, fitness and writing.
7. What would be your dream modelling job?
Haha Victoria Secret of course!
Photographer: Terry Whitaker

Stylist: Chiara Bianchino

Hair + Makeup: June Kelly-Bain @ Makeup Junkies

Model: Kristina Velkova @ Named Models