About This Project

Latitude litanies. Let’s get lost, lift off, lie in lassitude, locate the lines.

Photographer: Cara O’Dowd

Stylist: Chiara Bianchino

Makeup: Casey Gore @ Reload

Hair: Dale Delaporte @ Names

Model: Abbie Heath @ IMG Models.


1. HAN shirt, Victoria and Woods coat, Yeojin Bae for Metalicus crop top

2. HAN shirt, Victoria and Woods coat, Yeojin Bae for Metalicus crop top, YB J’aime trousers, Sol Sana shoes, Calvin Klein socks worn throughout

3. MLM vest, Yeojin Bae for Metalicus dress, Anna Design necklace

4. Dr Denim jacket, MLM shirt, AVE top, HAN skirt, Sambag boots, Anna Design  cuff

5. HAN top, Serpent and the Swan top worn underneath, Nike track pants and trainers, Luv AJ necklace from The Dark Horse

6. Jamie Ashkar jacket, Serpent and the Swan top, Dr Denim jeans, Sambag boots

7. Hayley Elsaesser jacket, top, Dr Denim men’s jeans, Sol Sana sandals, MAN the label choker

8. HAN top, Serpent and the Swan turtleneck worn underneath, Luv AJ necklace from The Dark Horse