Her Vore

About This Project

When form and function take on an esoteric angle. Blair Gauld shoots Madeleine in Autumnal looks primed for the campus and beyond.

Photographer: Blair Gauld

Stylist: Liv Rahmé

Hair + Makeup: Samantha Lee

Model: Madeleine @ IMG Models


1. Oskar shirt and pants, MLM jumper.

2. Left: Oskar top, Anna Quan dress and pants, Dr Martens shoes. Right: Will Be shirt, Búl jumper, BC pants.

3. Left: Búl dress, Oskar top, Cooper St coat. Right: Búl turtleneck and coat, Anna Quan dress.

4. Left: BC top, Oskar coat and shorts. Right: Búl turtleneck, Daniel Avakian suit, Blessed Are The Meek coat, Dr Martens shoes.