About This Project

Black vs. White. The forever battle of opposing shades rages on. But there can be harmony in dischord, no? While there remains a friction for the dark against the light, a tentative frisson emerges in the face of all that heat.

Photographer: Levon Baird

Stylist: Rachel Colless

Hair + Makeup: Jessica Diez @ One Ninety Nine

Model: Jazmine Hikaka @ IMG Models

1. Georgia Alice coat, Hansen & Gretel dress, model’s own earrings.
2. Left: Búl dress, Daniel Avakian shirt, Witchery bag, River Island shoes. RightGeorgia Alice coat, Hansen & Gretel dress, Witchery boots, model’s own earrings.
3. LeftHansen & Gretel dress, Cooper Street trousers, River Island shoes, Au Revoir Les Filles ring, Natalie Marie rings. Right: Arnley top, Bec + Bridge pants.
4. Búl shirt, Georgia Alice skirt.
5. Left: American Vintage top, Búl top, Blessed Are The Meek shorts, Atmosphere shoes. RightHansen & Gretel dress, River Island shoes, Au Revoir Les Filles ring, Natalie Marie rings.
6. Daniel Avakian jacket, Spur shoes, Soot ring, POMS ring, Soot earrings worn throughout.