About This Project

Luana Sullivan is ready for the rodeo in print-on-print looks and 1st place hair. Beauty queen vibes taken to the street; this rose isn’t bound to fade any time soon.

Photographer: Louise Smit

Stylist: Ashleigh Kelly @ Arc Creative

Hair: Chris Coonrod @ Names Agency

Makeup: Vic Anderson

Model: Luana Sullivan @ The Agency Models


1. Hayley Elsaesser crop, Emma Mulholland pants, Deadly ponies bag, Louise Jean rings.

2. Hayley Elsaesser coat, Minette Shuen crop, Neo Dia skirt, Louise Jean rings, Nylons earrings.

3. Topshop shirt and skirt, Emma Mulholland crop and bag, POMS earrings and ring, Louise Jean rings.

4. MNG vest, Dont Ask Amanda Bralette, Tilly jewellery earrings, Hayley Elsaesser skirt, Louise Jean rings.

5. Topshop shirt, ASOS necktie, Hayley Elsaesser skirt, Emma Mulholland x Pared sunglasses, stylist’s own earrings, Louise Jean rings.

6. Bul jumper, Leroy Nguyen skirt, Mettle necklace and bracelet, Louise Jean earrings.